Albereley Sombreros

It was over 80 years ago that Alberto’s parents started the art of hat making in Oaxaca, Mexico. Beginning with palm and thread, everything was done by hand with wooden molds and rubber lasts. With the passage of time they adapted other types of instruments to make the work more functional, without loosing the traditional touch. It was not just the instruments that changed with time and by the 1980’s they began to make hats using a variety of wools and suede’s creating a new kind of sombrero originally known as Donkey Belly Hats.

Today, this little corner of Ocotlan de Morelos, is proof that the making of hats is not a profession in agony. Every month between 500-600 pieces across 30 different styles, are produced by a dozen hands that depend on the work. Alberto’s ingenuity and creativity has seen this family business grow into one of the finest suppliers of hats in Mexico.

Alberto said of his creations “For me, apart from being an inheritance, it is a satisfaction. This is my life. I live it and love it. Money is not what fills us, but keeping the tradition alive is what does. We do it from the heart."

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